WWE: Big Show on advising Kofi Kingston to not form the New Day

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The Big Show was a recent guest on the Steve Austin Show. There the World’s Largest Athlete recalled a story when he advised Kofi Kingston against forming a faction with Big E and Xavier Woods.

What advice did Show give to his close friend Kofi Kingston?

Here’s what Big Show said to Kingston when he first came to know about the dawn of the New Day. (h/t wrestlinginc)

When Kofi told me he was doing that New Day gimmick, I pulled Kofi to the side about four feet from Xavier Woods and Big E and asked him, ‘what the hell are you doing?'” Big Show recalled, “because [Austin] know[s] how [he] would talk to me about business and Taker would talk to me about business. I’ve learned and I’ve passed that along to guys that I help. And I’m not polite about it. I’m blunt, direct, and to-the-point. When it comes to business, it’s serious. Do you know what I mean?

So I pull Kofi about four feet to the side and [ask], ‘so what are you doing with these two numb nuts’ and he goes, ‘yeah, it’s a thing’ and I said, ‘damn, Kofi, you were Intercontinental Champion [and] you’re on your way to having a run with the big strap. You don’t need to drag yourself down with a couple of NXT idiots right now. You’re really probably going to hurt yourself. You’re pulling yourself out of that world title run. The Intercontinental Championship is a pretty big deal. You keep yourself in that loop and you’ll get a shot at the big one.’ He goes, ‘naw, I appreciate it, Show, but we’ve got a good thing going here.’ I said, ‘alright, man. I’m just telling you that running around with these two idiots isn’t going to help you get over.’

Of course, the New Day ended up becoming the longest reigning tag team in history. Show also realized how wrong he was and he personally went back to tell Kingston how good the team is.

I said, ‘forget every damn thing I said. What you guy’s’ve got is absolute friggin magic. I love it. Forget every damn thing I said. Woods loves that story. I call Woods my son now. I’ve adopted him as one of my wrestling sons, so he’s one of my sons now.


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