WWE: Chris Jericho reveals an idea he had for his scrapped program with Roman Reigns

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The Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla Chris Jericho is like the Leonardo Da Vinci of the wrestling business. The man can create artistic beauty out of something as simple as the word “IT”.

Recently, Y2J was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet where he talked about a wide range of wrestling and FOZZY related topics.

It’s the idea of Jericho and it will get you over MAAAN

During the interview, Jericho was asked the reason why Roman Reigns still isn’t over with the fans. The Big Dog has garnered every accolade in the WWE except for the fans’ approval and that is a travesty because he is essentially the face of the company.

Jericho revealed that back in 2017, he had pitched an interestingly bizarre idea for a scrapped program he was scheduled to have with Reigns. The idea suggested that Y2J throw a fireball in Reigns’ eye and blind him so that he could get the fans rooting for him when he would eventually go over Jericho:

I had an idea that I wanted to do and I pitched it to Vince. I wanted to throw a fireball in Roman’s eyes and blind him, like an old school Memphis idea. Vince said he’d think about it. We were going to have a program and then it changed. If we had a long program, I probably could have got it done. So there’s a secret, exclusive for you.

Furthermore, Y2J talked about what he thinks would get Reigns over and why:

I think he’s like a modern day John Cena. For years fans just booed Cena because they think it’s the coolthing to do. They’re not paying any attention to what he’s really doing and that’s what Roman is now. They just see Roman and they just start booing because it’s the in thing rather than just shutting up and watching this guy for what he is which is a great performer.

And that’ll come. Obviously if he turned heel he’d get over, but if he turned heel all the people that booed him would start cheering him. I think it’s just a matter of time and staying the course and he needs some good heels to work with. Heels that want to be heels.


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