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WWE: The Rock talks about his chemistry with Steve Austin and John Cena - The Rock

WWE: The Rock talks about his chemistry with Steve Austin and John Cena

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The Rock is a great inspiration to everyone around him due to his superhuman work ethic and an enchanting charisma. The Great One recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he talked to the LA Lakers about sportsmanship and good work ethic.

WWE: The Rock talks about his chemistry with Steve Austin and John Cena - The Rock
What did the Brahma Bull have to say about the Rattle Snake and John Cena?

The Rock first talked about his great duel against John Cena at WrestleMania 29 and how he wrestled the match with a gruesome injury. (h/t wrestlinginc)

At the 15 minute mark, ‘bang!’ I feel something pop and I’m like ‘What the f—?’ I’m laying there and both of us are out. I said ‘Oh f—, something is going on.’ 85,000 people and I sort of roll over and stick my hand down in my trunks because I wanted to make sure no bone was sticking out.

In the world of wrestling, when you have a big show like this, a big main event that the entire show is based around. The wrestlers will come up to the two people in the main event, at some point, all throughout the night in the locker room and be like, ‘Hey, thank you for the house.’ What that means is thank you drawing – helping draw 85,000 people – and putting a lot of f—— money in my paycheck. We got a lot of ‘Thank you for the houses’ that night.

Final move of the match, it’s his big finishing move and I remember, I’m getting up and I’m turning and he’s going to hit me with his big finisher.It’s like a massive suplex where I go over his head and he slams me down. … I feel ‘boom!’ and I don’t know what just happened. Luckily the match is over, one-two-three. Get to the back, can’t move, now I’m getting a little nervous. Doctors come in, John comes in, ‘You okay?’ We like to celebrate with some booze, he brings moonshine, like legit moonshine. It’s some crazy white boy s— that they bring in a jar.

Stone Cold Steve Austin might be The Rock’s greatest nemesis. The duo put up phenomenal main events on several big pay-per-views and ushered the business into a new era.

The Great One recalled his phenomenal matches against the Rattle Snake in this video.

I think the matches I had with Steve Austin, they were really good. We just had a real special chemistry and any time we got in the ring it kind of created this magic and we broke a lot of records and PPV records. At that time WWE were still in a PPV model – they’re not now – but that was always cool because Steve and I had a goal, which was let’s sell out a stadium and let’s break a PPV record. … He would push me and we would push each other every single night.”


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